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Design A Mobile Marketing Strategy For Your Brand

More people are seeking personalized and relevant communications from businesses.  Our mobile marketing solutions offer a comprehensive platform that does more than just send out text messages.  You can customize your mobile marketing to meet the needs and expectations of your consumers.

Sovation Media has a solid understanding of mobile marketing principles, campaign requirements, regulations, best practices, and more.  As professional mobile marketers, we also have the industry knowledge on how to make existing mobile programs more effective.   We also stay on top of necessary knowledge and tools to ensure that respect for consumer preferences and privacy is at the heart of every mobile marketing campaign.

  • ­Grow repeat business with a mobile loyalty program.
  • ­25 times higher redemption rate than print coupon alone.
  • ­Boost your sales with promotional alerts and mobile coupons.

With our mobile marketing platform, we can build your brand image.  From text messages to appointment reminders, we can offer your business a powerful array of automated mobile marketing engagement tools and more.

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Get A FREE Snapshot Report

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Craft the perfect mobile campaign for your business with our comprehensive mobile marketing services.

Below are samples of what we have to offer.

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Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) allows your business to send mobile messages that include engaging pictures and videos!  Get your message across with more than just words by sending an exciting MMS message.

Whatever the occasion, deliver a powerful message that is instantly viewed and boosts brand image with consumers.  MMS creates an emotional mobile experience with powerful visual-branding possibilities.

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Instantly collect mobile numbers while distributing hot deals or important information.  Use mobile keywords to collect opt-in mobile numbers automatically and deliver content to your consumers in quick, bite-sized campaigns.  Send product information, promotions, giveaways, or coupons.

Include your keyword and short code in advertisements, brochures, or in-store posters to maximize your reach.  Engage your audience with mobile and watch your brand grow.[/cynic_custom_tab][cynic_custom_tab title=”Text Reminders” icon_linearicons=”icon-calendar-31″ image=”3134″]

Reduce missed opportunities and minimize no-shows by sending appointment text and even voice reminders.  Text and voice messages are the most immediate and attention-grabbing forms of communication.   Simply set the date and time – and the mobile solutions platform does the rest.  Don’t waste valuable time checking the calendar or making live phone calls again.

Whether your an attorney, dentist, or financial adviser, with appointment reminders, your business will have less missed time slots and more productivity.

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Text advertising has proven to be one of the most effective forms of marketing, with an astounding 98 percent open rate and high response rates. In this age of mobile phones, Sovation Media’s personalized and targeted SMS marketing software can help you gain more responses than simple text blasting offered by other ordinary texting service providers.

From short-code mass texts to two-way landline texting, Sovation Media offers a powerful array of automated SMS engagement tools and much more.

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Give your audience immediate access to a variety of different information or direct them to your website with a quick QR code scan.  Now customers have a fun and easy way to quickly receive your deals and information.

QR Code Marketing opens the door to greater brand awareness, revenues and business success. Simply post your two-dimensional QR Code in all your marketing materials including magazines, in-store signage, flyers, billboards, websites and Facebook fan pages.

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Getting consumer feedback is critical for any business or organization.  With our platform, you can gather valuable insights from your audience while collecting their mobile numbers at the same time.  With a simple text message, you can create and launch a creative and interactive mobile poll that is both engaging for your audience and rewarding for your brand.

Automatically collect mobile numbers with each vote and see what your consumers have to say!  You can instantly view voting results as they come in with our real-time reporting feature.

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